Deciding where to locate may be one of the most important decisions you make about your business. The right site means an abundance of clients or customers, proximity to transportation and shipping resources, access to employees you and your tenants need and local government that welcomes you with open arms and a wealth of services, all at a fair price.  This is what we specialize in; we have a very experienced team that can help you with any and all phases of a development and/or redevelopment project.

Site Selection

We coordinate and identify prime sites using such tools as:

  • online GIS systems, deed records
  • demographic reports – trends and spending patterns
  • mapping software – competition and retail traffic generators
  • subscription multiple listing services
  • existing relationships

Site Development

We coordinate and review engineering work, including but not limited to:

  • site layout and building configuration
  • utilities and grading plan
  • hydrology and drainage codes
  • zoning related issues
  • median/traffic cuts

 Project Development

We coordinate and manage the architect/other design professionals including:

  • site planning
  • space planning and schematics through construction drawings and specifications
  • value engineering
  • alternate pricing

We coordinate construction contract bidding or negotiating including:

  • requests for bids – analysis and selection
  • negotiation of construction contract and critical path schedule

We identify, interview, recommend, and engage the project team including:

  • real estate attorney, general contractor and architect
  • structural, mechanical, civil and electrical engineers
  • testing
  • landscape, roofing and other consultants
  • negotiate all contracts with the project team
  • preparation of final budget and schedule

Construction Phase

We facilitate:

  • monitoring of the construction schedules
  • coordination of the permitting and approval process
  • reviewing and negotiating contractor change order request
  • reviewing monthly contractor progress and payment request
  • providing monthly project summary reports
  • managing procurement and installation of Owner furnished equipment
  • verification and processing of invoices
  • monitoring sources and uses of funds
  • coordination of contractor compliance with architect’s final inspection

Occupancy of Facility

We negotiate simple and sophisticated leases.

We facilitate obtaining temporary/final Certificate of Occupancy

We assist in coordination of occupancy including:

  • interior design, furnishings
  • telephone/data cabling
  • equipment delivery
  • moving

and, we assist in the establishment and implementation of a management program.

Please see: Asset Managment

When the time is right, we affect a diligent and prompt disposition.

Please see: Disposition of Property


Please reach out to us and let us know how we may serve you.

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