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Strategic Mapping

Pinpoint the locations of your clients and/or competitors.  Analyze nearby businesses by type, annual sales, staffing levels, years in business, etc.

Sample Competition & Opportunity Map Annual Sales Example
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Consumer Segmentation

Where are the right people for a business? What is the best location for a business? What is the best business for a location?

Find people using spending and demographic data or the best location for a business based on enterprise type and desired area. Determine the best businesses for a location using area demographics and information on existing businesses.
Sample Trade Area Report

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Market Profiles

Survey what properties are available in a market for lease, sale or otherwise.


Understand which businesses have saturated and which ones are needed in an area.


Study whether businesses are opening or closing by industry, population density, and sub-region.

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Property and Deal Valuations

Figure out what a property is worth or how much a deal makes sense.

Compare and contrast deals using Discounted Cash Flows, Net Present Value and IRR analyses.

Compare and contrast lease offers or simply have us review an existing lease or sales contract.

Example Lease ComparisonExample Deal Anaylsis
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