Investments and Syndications

We form investment groups which are compatible with the investors’ long and short term goals.  As core values, we operate with continuous transparency and communication.   Our advisors facilitate:

• the acquisition, development, holding and disposing of property

• borrowing money and if needed, mortgaging the property

• placing the title of property to be recorded in the name of the group

• purchasing insurance and picking a tax year for the group

• employing persons in the operation and management of the property

• preparing or causing to be prepared the reports as required by the group legal document

• opening accounts so as to deposit funds in banks and savings and loans

• raising equity for the group

• amending or causing to be amended the legal agreements of the group

• conducting an exchange of equity units for real property


Please reach out to us if you would like to be considered for, or would like to consider, being a part of one of our investment groups or if you would be interested in acquiring an asset in a non-group environment.

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